Bringing back Administrator to the Welcome Screen

Welcome Screen is a wonderfull integration to Windows XP with a nice interface. Eventhough the problem with Welcome Screen is that it doesnt show your Administrator account.

Many of us want Administrator account to be shown during the startup. But the welcome screen wouldn’t show it though.

Ofcourse you can do that by simply editing a few registry key values. Openup regedit.exe (Start>Run & type regedit) & follow these steps,

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE>Software>Microsoft>WindowsNT>Current Version>Winlogon>>Special Accounts>User Lists.

Here you create a new DWORD value,

Name it “Administrator

And give it the value “1”.

That’s it you are done now save it and reboot your system. Now you shall see Administrator acoount back in action in the Welcome Screen.