Enabling Sinhala/Tamil support

Few days back I was playing around with Sinhala Tamil Unicode kit by ICTA (Information Communication Technology Agency) of Sri Lanka on my windows box. It was really cool with dual language support.

There was a time when most of the operating systems came bundled with ASCII(American Standard Code for Information Interchange) which only had mere 127 characters and they were all occupied by english letters and numbers and symbols. Then of course anybody didn’t have the luxury of using either softwares or viewing web pages in their own native language(s) as they would have liked it.

That’s where Unicode came into being. And ever since the advent of Unicode all these things have thrown out of the window because Unicode was a breakthrough technology and it can support over 65000 characters. With Unicode all the languages are given a range of characters to accommodate their own character codes. That’s where both Sinhala and Tamil get their allotted space.

Now although the range is set for both the languages in Unicode someone had to take up the challenge of developing the codes for both the languages. Developing and setting keyboard layout specially for language like Tamil which has more than 250 characters on a keyboard which is originally designed to accommodate mere 26 characters(English) again going to be a don’ting task.

That’s where in Sri Lanka ICTA should be praised for taking this project successfully in collaboration with the UCSC (University of Colombo School of Computing). This was a project which took months and months to complete.

And now both Sinhala and Tamil Unicode is available to download on,

The Sinhala Unicode is named as Wijesekara and Tamil is named as Renganathan (for a reason that I really have no idea). You can download the package that best fits your box and enjoy working and viewing stuffs on your own native language.

Now since Sinhala and Tamil Unicode is made possible we should be able to see many a revolutions in the world of software when it comes to Language Localization in Sri Lanka, Taking it to a new unseen dimension.

Already you can see an increase in the number of web sites (Solely)compiled in Sinhala and Tamil in Sri Lanka in the recent past. No doubt that this will pave way for many a local writers to enter web. And have their say in their own comfortable way..!

Dotnet Forum Link Partners

DotNet Forum is an innovative initiative by Microsoft Sri Lanka. DotNet Forum gathers most of the Microsoft Developpers and learners of SriLanka to single spot where they share their knowledge on latest technologies, developments and solutions by the everso dominating software giant Microsoft.

Dot Net Forum Link Partner

Not stopping there DotNet Forum has been actively supporting the growth of Microsoft Technologies through out SriLanka. hence, breaking the technology barier by constantly organizing user group meetings which are normally held at Microsft SriLanka located at Nawam Mawatha (Microsoft SriLanka training room), doing guest lectures in part of the country and at any university upon invitation which are totally free of charge (And currently one such programme is held at IIT. Which I feel so privillged to be part of it and it continues for the next week as well. So I’m looking forward to it with great anticipation.) and one of the utmost succsessful event for this year happens to be the DotNet Forum held at Mt.Lavinia Hotel.Trust me it was a trumendeous success for Microsoft SriLanka. Where People were flocked in numbers (Students, Profesionals and Geeks all in one room guess what..?) and they were treated with the best from both technical and the non tachnical aspect of life.. I felt so lucky, so privillaged to be part of it and learned a lot on one of the breaktrough technologies by Microsoft called Silverlight which concentrates on the development of RIA’s (Rich Internet Applications). But I’m afraid will it overtake it’s counterpart Flash by Adobe inc since I’ve sticked with it for years now(When it comes to the develpment of animated funky sites and intros).

And this post is written specially to join hands with the LinkPartners Programme by Dotnet Forum which helps both our blogs (or personal sites) and dotnetforum.lk build back links. And also to share the wealth of technology among the dotnet forum members and our readers so in other words it can also be called as Connecting Techi People.Ultimately it also helps us improve some traffic on both on our site and Dotnet forum.lk. So I encourage all ma readers to just drop there on your leisure and check it out because it really worths a visit.

Finally I would like to express ma heart felt thanks to Mr. Wellington for coming all the way upto IIT and spending his precious time with us to share his knowledge on some interesting technologies by Microsoft. Namely, ASP.net, AJAX frame work by Microsoft, Silverlight and WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation). Actually it was an entreeting session that we had with him on last wednes day. Which also left a big thinking ahead of me when it comes to the development of web apps (Where I play alot..!) because all the while to be honest I have not been an ardent supporter of Microsoft products simply because of the proprietry barrier and virus threats, still I gotto accept the fact that I learned my basics on a Windows 98. And I’m used to hang around alot with Apache, MySQL and PHP (known as the AMP whether it is LAMP on Linux or WAMP on a Windows Box).

Then again what about IIS, MySQL , and ASP.net (v3.5)..? Still I’m thiking at that but I know one thing for sure database driven apps are made amazingly easy with Visual Studio and ASP.net 3.5 duo. But I still I need some time to play with ASP and come to terms with it..