Lumar – A new dimension to reality browsing.

After being in labs for couple of decades, Augmented Reality has become a highly popular phenomenon in recent times. Specially, Mobile Augmented Reality platforms promise to transform geographical information systems to give them a new look that will make such applications more meaningful and entertaining to use.

One of the finest examples of this would be Reality Browsing where geo-tagged data from various sources such as Wikipedia, Panoramio, Twitter, Flickr and etc are overlayed real-time over a video. Along with the inclusion of compass, GPS receiver, accelerometer and video camera which have become common features on most modern smart phones, reality browsing has already entered mainstream and continues to grow.

Explorer View

Explorer View

Ground View

Ground View

Lumar, a reality browser for android smart phones will become the world’s first speech powered browser of its kind. Now it is available for public downloads via Android Market. The first release candidate contains layers such as Wikipedia, Twitter and Buzz. It also features a unique stations layer where it can show all major bus and railway stations around you. The video below gives a glimpse of how Lumar operates. Enjoy!

Exploring a street of Kyoto with Engage.

Well the title might sound a little strange and confusing. Never the less, as most of us know Kyoto is a city in japan should have said a beautiful one at that and Engage is the project which I work these days. Things are really getting heated both with the project and rest of the stuffs that I’m up to these days causing me to go quite for sometime.

Anyhow, one of the things which impressed a lot at the start of this project was Augmented Reality (AR) where virtuality and reality come together. Normally, a virtual object or an animation is augmented on a real video or an image (content) using a marker where the virtual object always shown on top of the real content. But my interest, ever since I first happen to see this was on using it for computer interaction besides there are many possibilities that exists with AR specially when it is combined with holography which can surely bring to light an unseen dimension to our lives and produce great results.

Getting back to the post, this shows an example panorama which can be explored using a marker. It was intentional here to refrain from augmenting specially, to show the possibility of using marker for interaction and even for wearable computing. Enjoy 🙂


I have adapted an image of a street in Kyoto for the example which is available at,

And the background music for this video was taken from, which was released under creative commons license.