Deploying an ember app made with Firebase Adapter

I got an Ember.js project named “hello-hamzeen” which I did to explore “Ember.js” where I chose to use Firebase as the Adapter. Here is the world’s most succinct deployment instructions ever! 🙂


1. If you don’t have firebase tools

$ sudo npm install -g firebase-tools

2. Otherwise, if you want to get it updated

$ sudo npm update -g firebase-tools

3. Login to your firebase account from terminal

$ sudo firebase login

Note: Upon successful login you should see something similar to the following url open up in your browser,


Now to the meat of it, initialize and deploy to Run the following from your project directory,

4. Initialize

When prompted select our project and type in the public folder you want to use. Typically this is ‘dist’ for Ember apps,
$ sudo firebase init

5. Deploy your project to

$ sudo firebase deploy

Mine can be found at,