Live Edit

Live edit is a Firefox extension which allows you to edit any page live on your browser. Last couple of weeks, I have been playing around with some grease monkey scripts which ultimately lead me develop a Firefox extension.

Though, Initially I wanted to develop an enteprising extension, due time constraints I chose to stick to a simple one yet, an intersting one at that. Live edit comes with a toolbar button, menu item and as a popup menu item once it’s installed and it allows you to virtually edit any page on the go.
It’s all about having fun while browsing.

On the side lines, it also helps developers to test and edit their content live on the browser which allows them to change the code only once things are perfectly done and finalized. And it also gives you the luxury of using your browser just like a simple text editor when you open up a blank page. (How is it for a change, writing on the browser?). But once you refresh the page, everything will be restored and even if you save the page after you editing it, the page saved so will not have the altered content (Obvious!!).

Anyway, the biggest threat to this extension will be, people trying to edit, take screen shots and publish it as if it’s their stuff. It’s understood this is pure violation of IP laws and I strongly advice you to refrain from doing so.

The plugin is not yet publicly listed since it is still in its review phase hopefully once it is done, it will be listed publicly, for downloads. So now you can start viewing the web as you like it. Hope you will enjoy it!.

Still, you are free to evalaute it if you have a mozilla account on,