Getting your Gmail feeds.

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Few days back while I was checking ma mails, I just clicked on the rss icon that appears on the right corner of the address bar (on firefox) which to me to a page where it was showing few of the most recent mails in the inbox.

Which you can check on,

I actually knew this quite some time back via a post of a fellow blogger. But Then I dint have much of a time to explore on it neither I was too interested on it by then. Anyway this time around I thought it’s time for me to get some insight of it.

The feed shows few of the most recent mails in your inbox together with few lines of the body of them as well. This becomes really handy if you are in a real hurry or even if you want to check your mails in your mobile because compared to getting there using the traditional login, this seems to be really fast.

It can be used to check whether you have received any new mails after you logged in for the last time and so on. But unfortunately, one will hardly be able read the content of the mail in whole unless the mail is so short that it will not exceed two lines or so. And getting any attachments is almost impossible as it stands now.

Just to exploit on it I have developed a simple page which makes life easier if I’m to access my feeds. The URL is given below. But I really don’t suggest you to go ahead and use it. And if you are using it remember, it’s on your own risk.

A customized Login

The page above utilizes mode of accessing Gmail feeds, so there one only requires to give the username and the password and it take care of the rest. Otherwise it could be potentially dangerous to use this method since your password will be revealed (because the address bar will never mask your password) in that case you better stick to the very first URL on this post.

Anyway I think it’s always nice to know few other ways of getting there as it may turn out be useful one day when you are stranded and when you have no other options. Hope you enjoyed it. Cheers.!