Srilanka’s Longest Tunnel

Sri Lanka’s longest tunnel will be opened tomorrow at Ramboda. The tunnel longs 225 meters and constructed at a cost of 2 billion rupees.

longest tunnel

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Stage is Set to go for the geeks

The stage Craft presented by students of IIT takes another episode this year at Bishops College auditorium later this month (february 2008).

               Stage Craft

After the great success that we had last time at Elphinston this time the event promises even more. I was asked to design the Ticket for this years event. Trust me I haven’t done such stuff ever before and this is going to be the frist time that one of my designs gonna get it’s printed version. What next I’m looking forward to it eagerly.

Anyway I welcome you all to the event to witness how techi guys go crazy on stage. Looking forward to you all.


Wish you all a very happy valentine’s day. may your love prosper this year and many more years to come. Have a nice time with your love.. Tallking about love which I’m not a geek at all, I would say is simply the best feeling that a man can ever come across in his life. I think every one have their own way of expressing and experiencing it. Some say it’s blind while some others believe it can turn around tables for them. I felt it’s blind when I heard one of friend said “Sudu” to his lover (which means fair in sinhalese) who was not fair at all anyway maybe that’s how he feels of her. So that’s all I would say because I know for certain that he is not fooling his eyes. Well it’s a funny world!.

Anyway this happens to be the first post for this semester I have been really busy with some of ma academic work plus organising few events back at ma uni.

So the life goes day by day, weeks turn months, when you look back it amazing what you have done what you have gained in the last few months. I think I got even more to do in the coming weeks bags of course works loads of exams, phase tests and a group project.

 I got lot to write when i look at ma past few weeks first I was assingned to design a ticket for Stage Craft(A cultural event organised by students of IIT) I have written a seperate post on it.

After months I took a chance to visit ma home back in mawanella on a demanding request by ma mum. Because ma school where I did ma primary schooling celebrated its centenary celebration.

 So I cudn’t turn down on it I had to travel all the way upto mawanella which is around 2 n a half hours journey from Colombo when I reached there the celebrations have already started, staright away after a short rest at ma home having lunch(I was so tired..) I went to the school, the school has changed a lot since our funny old days at the school.

I went there hoping i could meet few of ma friends during schooling time but unfortunately it didn’t turn out be so. All the faces were quite new to me suddently I gotto see a friend of mine (Safras) who even has come inorder to represent his bank (Amana Thakaful) since they put a stall in the exhibition. So when i talked him i gotto know that hardly any of our funny old gang there at the scene. Even the teachers were quite new but some of them have fortunately been able to survive so I went upto them and talked to them I realised some of them got tears into there eyes they were so happy to see what we are now. It was really embarrassing to talk to them. Among them was the teacher who taught me ahen I was in year 3 (Well then I was a real play boy by the very meaning of it so adventures, so experimantive that there were weeks where i got beaten either my mum or dad every day for my misbehavings and malpractices).

Anyway I’m happy i was privillaged to develop the school’s website which was one of the special tasks that they had for celebrating the centenary celebrations when i looked into the agenda that they had put forward. I actually completed the site months ago so they always keep on trying to contact me for the updates since it is a static site developped in one night (trust me).

Then when I came to colombo and came back for the first day of the new semester there was a anoter piece of cake (eagerly) waiting for me, OMG during the very first day we were given a set of projects (consisting 12 of them if my memory is correct) some of them were softwares and the rest were Web Applications.

What next we were sopposed to form our own groups and select a project and goahead with it there’s no other option left than that. So what an entreating welcome to the semester ( It sounded me like Oh yeh son you are are most welcome to the semester). Anyway I was reluctant to form a group of my own I’ll be happy to work with any group who will accomadate me and I wouldn’t go for a Web-App as well because all the while I have stick with the web. I got two invitations and chose the second one which is gonna develop a Portable Project Mangement System using java.

So it’s never going to be an easy ask from me since i haven’t got that much of an exposur in developping GUI applications in java though I have done few using the CLI for course works. And the other challange that is ahead of me is that I have to serve as the Project Manager.

Hence I think I gotto do alot of research before I get into actual coding. Since I have had experiences in the past to change  in requirements whilst coding and choice of inadiquate technologies I don’t wanna repeat it here again.