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This time it’s a personal site of an Islamic Preach (Official web site of Shaikh Mubarak Moulavi). I actually got the invitation to undertake this site back in September 2006 but I wouldn’t do, as I was running into a very busy schedule those days with ma academic work. Because then it happens to be the all important first semester of first year of ma Undergraduate studies. hence I requested ma client to gimme some time until I get ma vacation. Thank God he will agree with me and promised wait for me till I become free. He wanted it to be some how get done from me.

After keeping the client for a long while, this short vacation that i get just before for X’mas I thought was the ideal time to start working on it. During ma first visit to collect requirements I would think it’s just a static site with not more than five or six pages with some dynamic content in it. But trust me as I went it for the second time to finalize the set of requirements I realized that the site got bigger and bigger. At this point I could understand it’s more in the likely hood to behave as a community site though it’s meant to be personal site as at the beginning.

Anyway this time around I have chosen a team of three (including maself) to work on this pro the team itself is supposed to work together for the first time. One of them has already worked with me when I did Online Police Entry System (OPES) for our annual Cutting Edge Exhibition. But here the scenario is completely different and the domain is even more vast.

Anyway I went back to ma team and told about the whole scenario and asked them whether they are willing to go ahead with it. For my amazement they were quite prepared to live up to the challenge. So why would I worry buzzed the client and gavimm the confirmation. Two days later we started working on it.

Everything went fine then n there deadlocks came in but we were able able sort them all as a team. For my comfort I got a geek who works with me at ma company who is ever willing to help me out in any crisis. We completed the pro last week and took some time to do a bit of quality assurance. This weekend we are almost done along with some of the very late adjustments that came in from the client. And I thought of doing the documentation they before yesterday with ma expert when it comes to that part of it. And I also made an appointment with the client on Sunday morning

Again when I went in to IIT (Where I do ma Studies, Projects and many more crazy stuffs…!) on Saturday ma other colleague was there already present but not the person whom I rely heavily to get done the documentation. We both waited for for hours tried buzzing him on several occasions and texting him as many a times as would you like it but all in vain there wouldn’t be any response from him. So after having our lunch we thought of giving it up. And went back to our places.

When I came into ma room in the evening after having a wash there waits a surprise call for me. The long awaited colleague of mine is on the line. His voice hears so deteriorated OMG he has fallen in his wash room in the morning, knock his head for God sake one of his cousin has been there with him who will admit him at the hospital. He is been found unconscious for a while and then has recovered later. So he told me the whole scenario and asked me to convey the message to the other friends including the other member of team HAGHZ as well. And now he’s not there in Colombo any more coz he has been taken Kandy and admitted there for further treatment. Since he’s from matale and his parents would like to be with him.

So what can I do now??. I asked him whether do I need to be there along side him but he wouldn’t want it at the first place since his parents are there and more likely he’s gonna get discharged in the morning. So was I was requested go ahead with the job and if that doesn’t happen then again I will be asked to go to Kandy late in the evening the other day(i.e Sunday). So called ma client and and told him the situ that I’m up to and he will be flexible to have a meet up with me without the all important documentation. Anyway I have promised him to submit the DOC later on within the week., Which he would agree hence, I went on to meet him yesterday itself and handid over the site as it was scheduled earlier.

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