Discover it-openSUSE

openSUSE, another Linux Distribution which is a project carried out by the Free And Opensource Software community with the aid of Novell to ensure availability of a usable Linux Distribution for everyone residing on this planet.

The doors are wide opened for everyone to be part of this exiting program where users & developers come together to achieve a common goal at the end of the day, which is to make sure a most usable linux distro to the rest of world and generations to come.

The latest version being openSUSE 10.3 which you can download from,

Download this piece of linux distro when you think it’s time for you to go for a change, install it on your local machine try it for yourself if you happen to come across any bugs file your own bug report & help improve openSUSE.

I would like to wrap up with an old saying of mine, “Say no to Pirated Software” And never be a victim of Software Confeiting. Be honest, Be opensource.

An Open Suse Proud User