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openSUSE, another Linux Distribution which is a project carried out by the Free And Opensource Software community with the aid of Novell to ensure availability of a usable Linux Distribution for everyone residing on this planet.

The doors are wide opened for everyone to be part of this exiting program where users & developers come together to achieve a common goal at the end of the day, which is to make sure a most usable linux distro to the rest of world and generations to come.

The latest version being openSUSE 10.3 which you can download from,

Download this piece of linux distro when you think it’s time for you to go for a change, install it on your local machine try it for yourself if you happen to come across any bugs file your own bug report & help improve openSUSE.

I would like to wrap up with an old saying of mine, “Say no to Pirated Software” And never be a victim of Software Confeiting. Be honest, Be opensource.

An Open Suse Proud User

Back with Flock-The Social Web Browser

Guys Lonely Coder is back after a week of heavy work with a freaking project for Cutting Edge which is the most exiting event of IIT every year, Where the Final years of IIT enterprise their talent on stage to the public. And this is where all the work that they put over the years at IIT get exposed to the industry what we are really capable of being, students of University of Westminster. This time for this ever so  fascinating event, second years are also invited to take part due to lack of projects & gues what Lonely Coder grabbed it with both hands.

The project of us APES which stands for Automated Police Entry System. It’s  another entreating project I have come across after the long lasting nights working out on  Successlands another devastating project at Archmage which took me months to work on and believe me still it is incomplete. You can have a look at it via,

Today I get a chance to explore a few breathtaking features of my new browser, should say a social web browser to be precise. Namely it’s Flock. Believe me this post is actually written & published right from the Flock browser how that sounds for a blogger… I’m sure already the guys must be pumped up to figure out how this actually works. It’s really easy as giving your particular blog’s username & password, don’t worry what ever the sort of blogger you are it supports all the famous blogs like blogger, wordpress in my case, xanga, LiveJournal, TypePad and many more.

This is just another single amazing aspect of Flock. You got many more than this , to start  with one might wonder if it another version of firefox if you were firefox browser over the years. Yes it looks very similar to firefox and also uses the same technology for fast browsing.

Going through few of the other embarasing features of Flock,

  • Favorites management
  • Feed reader
  • Media minibar
  • Photo Uploader
  • Account Handling
  • Again Flock’s in-built Photo uploader also provides support to uploading media to most of your media sites which includes PICZO, Flickr, YOUTUBE & Photo Bucket. Never worry with signins just goto your browser and get access to most of your favourite sites. Nothing to type in your addressbar unless you wanna discover a new site.

    With all these wonderfull integerations it provides one with instantaneous access to most of their favourite sites. But then again security wise it’s really dangerous to leave your account informations in the browser so in that case Flock becomes an extremely confidential and a private browser.

    If you are interested in trying out Flock visit,

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