T20 World Cup -Where the Drama Begins

Yesterday (2nd day of ICC twenty-twenty inaugural World Cup) Zimbabwe met The three times consecutive world cup winners Australia in another thrilling encounter.

The minors(Zimbabwe) played good positive cricket wright from the beginning were paid of for their effort in the field and aussies were all over the place with Sky Scrapers most of them got caught in the deep. The drama continued and Aussies were restricted down to 138 for 9 wickets.

Later in the evening Zimbabwe chased it down to welcome Aussies to ICC T20 WorldCup with a Shock Treatment.

Earlier KIWI’s (New Zealand) marked their arrival to the WorldCup with a comprehensive win over Kenya.

And Pakistan too marked their first victory in the T20 World Cup win with a much fought win over Scotland after they were restricted by the underdogs (Scotland) for a mere 171 for the loss of 9 wickets.

Many Cricket Critics are still reluctant to express their view over this new innovation by the ICC and it will remain so up untill the end of this fascinating tournament as the Drama continues.