Playing around with Windows

Below I give you a few freaks that you can try in your leisure. One could never ever feel bored with WINDOWS.

Freak 1

open a notepad and type the following text
“Bush hid the facts”
save it as you want and now open it and see for your self

Freak 2

open microsoft word and type in the following
“=rand (200, 99)”
and press enter

Freak 3

Try creating a folder named con, com1, com2, lpt1, lpt2 or prn

What’s going on?

I don’t find any clue for the first of these, sadly the second one is fixed in windows vista, and the third and final one of them are reserved words in windows for devices(COM port 1, COM port 2, LPT port 1, LPT port 2 and PRINT in DOS).