Setting up fire to the Posts

Just kidding, nothing harsh. Yesterday Lonely Coder subscribed at feedburner to burn the contents of Lonely Coder, thinking it would improve traffic to the blog while making the posts available in most of the rss readers and the so called popular search engines.

Guys when you wanna spice up your blog and publicise your contents, there is one place I would suggest you to visit. That’s,

So give that edge to your site as well with FeedBurner. Because according to FeedBurner, You build your content plus add some fire by burning at feedburner gives a Boost up in your blog’s traffic popularity and etc.

Feedburner Equation

You can checkout my stuff burned on feedburner via,


Linux Magazine out of the Blocks

The first ever linux magazine in the crazy island of Sri Lanka makes it’s way. The magazine only offers an electronic edition of it. We will be very happy to see a hard copy in the near future as well. Because I don’t enjoy reading PDFs at all for that matter.

 Boom !!! Big mistake I forgot to enterprise the name of it, it’s Babytux Digest. Babytux Team comprises of many Geeks in the known world of Linux in Sri Lanka. To mension few of them,

Arunan Skanthan
Buddhika Siddhisena
Tyrell Perera
Suchetha Wijenayake
Hasmin Abdul Cader
Karthiga Ratnam

And the Magazine was launched at a charming ceremony held at Commens Coffee shop on Wednesday the 5th July. You can download the magazine at it’s official site

The first issue itself introduces a brand new browser software called Flock, an intreging article on Kaffeine, a nice tutorial on InkScape and in tech news: the launch of Ubuntu 6.06 LTS (dapper drake) in Sri Lanka

 I downloaded the first Issue and got the permission from one of our senior lectures at IIT to make it available at the IIT Library. So guys at IIT can look forward to it at the library.

If you are really intersted with babytux and wanna hear more about it you can always subscribe to it’s group mail at,

Reading xml with PHP

Two days back I was working on reading xml using php. And let me tell you it was really cool with php. Hence thought of sharing with you.

the source xml programs.xml is fallows,

<?xml version=”1.0″ ?>

<program name=”cart”>

<program name=”survey”>


the php script to populate data from the xml file (programs.xml),



foreach($php_programs->program as $program_key => $program_val)

echo”the root element
is named <b>$program_key</b><br/>”;

foreach($program_val->children() as $child_of_program_key=>


if($child_of_program_key == “price”)

foreach($program_val->attributes() as $att=>$val)
foreach($program_val->price as $the_price)

echo “This <b>$program_key</b>
element has an ettribute named <b>$att</b> and is named

echo “This <b>$program_key</b>
element has a child element named <b>$child_of_program_key</b>
and the value is : <b>$the_price</b>.<br/><br/>”;



And the output looks as follows,

the root element is named program
This program element has an ettribute named name and is named cart.
This program element has a child element named price and the value is : 250.

the root element is named program
This program element has an ettribute named name and is named survey.
This program element has a child element named price and the value is : 500.

Software Freedom Day 2007

Software Freedom Day (SFD) is shedulled to be celebrated all around the globe on the 15 th of september. The srilankan opensource software community has already made arrangemens to celebrate it in a high node down here in SriLanka along with the rest of the world. FOSS has arranged series of events to mark the event wich will start from 13th of september and will continue till 15th.

The event will be celebrated in various parts of the island which will include Colombo, Kandy, Matara and etc, etc. Making sure the celebrations reach most of us. So Hope to see all the geeks back live in action soon in a place near you!. And Lonely Coder’s advanced wishes to Software Freedom Day. Happy SFD for all of you!!!.

Lonely Coder is most likely to join the celebrations on the final day at Crescat Boulevard. hope cya guys then.. As at the moment I have a friking fever with me. Everbody are welcomed by FOSS for this special event. Please be part of it and have fun.

T20 World Cup -Where the Drama Begins

Yesterday (2nd day of ICC twenty-twenty inaugural World Cup) Zimbabwe met The three times consecutive world cup winners Australia in another thrilling encounter.

The minors(Zimbabwe) played good positive cricket wright from the beginning were paid of for their effort in the field and aussies were all over the place with Sky Scrapers most of them got caught in the deep. The drama continued and Aussies were restricted down to 138 for 9 wickets.

Later in the evening Zimbabwe chased it down to welcome Aussies to ICC T20 WorldCup with a Shock Treatment.

Earlier KIWI’s (New Zealand) marked their arrival to the WorldCup with a comprehensive win over Kenya.

And Pakistan too marked their first victory in the T20 World Cup win with a much fought win over Scotland after they were restricted by the underdogs (Scotland) for a mere 171 for the loss of 9 wickets.

Many Cricket Critics are still reluctant to express their view over this new innovation by the ICC and it will remain so up untill the end of this fascinating tournament as the Drama continues.

Bringing back Administrator to the Welcome Screen

Welcome Screen is a wonderfull integration to Windows XP with a nice interface. Eventhough the problem with Welcome Screen is that it doesnt show your Administrator account.

Many of us want Administrator account to be shown during the startup. But the welcome screen wouldn’t show it though.

Ofcourse you can do that by simply editing a few registry key values. Openup regedit.exe (Start>Run & type regedit) & follow these steps,

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE>Software>Microsoft>WindowsNT>Current Version>Winlogon>>Special Accounts>User Lists.

Here you create a new DWORD value,

Name it “Administrator

And give it the value “1”.

That’s it you are done now save it and reboot your system. Now you shall see Administrator acoount back in action in the Welcome Screen.

Feedback using PHP

Yesterday I discovered how to send e-mails using php. I didn’t think sending e-mails is such an easy thing. But thanks to php mail function it’s easier than one could ever imagine the code is as follows,


$to_addr = ‘’;

if (isset($_REQUEST[‘submit’]))
$mail_body = ‘Name: ‘.$_REQUEST[‘name’];
$mail_body .= “\nEmail: “.$_REQUEST[’email’];
$mail_body .= “\nMessage: “.$_REQUEST[‘message’];
mail($to_addr,’Form Feedback’,$mail_body);
print “Thank you for the feedback.”;


<form method=”POST” action=”$_SERVER[PHP_SELF]”>
<tr><td>Name:</td><td><input type=”text” name=”name”></td></tr>
<tr><td>Email:</td><td><input type=”text” name=”email”></td></tr>
<tr><td>Message:</td><td><textarea name=”message”></textarea></td></tr>
<tr><td colspan=”2″><input name=”submit” type=”submit”></td></tr>




Nowerdays everybody is used to have a feedback form in their site regardless of the capacity of the site. Hope this piece of code will be useful to you. I think one could play around with this(php mail function) and come up with even more interesting applications of this, than a mere Feedback.

Let us break the barrier in sending e-mails.