FOSS-Ed 2007 Colombo

Yesterday I joined Flickr to upload a few photos taken during FOSS-ed 2007 Colombo which held from 26th and 27th of June at HNB towers and the tutorial session held on 28th at Sahana Lab of UCSC(University Colombo School of Computing).

It was a fine fine and a memorable event on Free and Open Source Software Education(FOSS-ed) for most of us at IIT, since more than 20 other batch mates of mine took part in the event since we were just into our vacation. Thanks to our Database Systems Lecturer Mr.Rukmal who works for IFS, made us aware of the event.

This time the event was themed “FOSS-Ed for Windows” and the supprise sponsership came from Microsoft Sri Lanka. Well Microsoft Supporting Opensource?? amazing.

Event was sponsered by Google, Microsoft, Intel, WSO2, Virtusa, and many other giants in the industry. The keynote speaker was Brian Behlendorf. many other local geeks featured inclusive of Anuradha Ratnaweera, Bhuddhike Sidhdhisena, Sucheta Wijeynayake, Mifan Kareem, Rajkumar Ganeshan and many others featured in the event.

you can checkout our photos from FOSS-Ed conference on the following link,