talisman- an eyecandy for a windows box

Talisman is a third-party desktop enhancement tool for your windows box. Though Talisman is widely regarded as a theme software, it promises much more than being a mere theme software.

I have tried talisman on my own some two years ago and let me tell you I was like really inspired by this peice of software and felled in love with it which resulted in developping themes for Talisman. Below I give you a screenshot of one my own themes for Talisman.
Lonely Coder on Talisman

Talisman is a russian software and it has been around for a while now. One of the coolest aspect of it is that it gives you ample space for you to customize it to fit into your convenient way. And it also allows you to create your own new themes for Talisman. If you are good at designing with a bit of knowledge in coding then you can come up with your own fascinating themes and share them with the rest of the world by uploading them to customize.org. I tell you it’s a great passion out at customize.org.

Unlike most other desktop enhancement softwares, still runs as a standalone application and it takes care not to interact in depth with your OS. Talisman in default is not set to start with windows. When you want to select talisman as your default theme you have to do it on your own after launching it for the first time.

Unfortunately, Lonely Coder has to admit that Taliaman is a proprietary software, still you get a 30 days grant period in which you are free to try. You can download it at it’s official site,


Here you will be getting a .zip file which you can extract and continue with the rest of the installation. Download your own copy and have fun. There is a big community for developing talisman themes which you will find at,


Here you will be getting all the themes in .zip format which you can extract and install using your talisman interface itself.

But I wouldn’t go on to say that Talisman can provide you the same kind of effects that you get with Beryl on linux destributions. Still I’m sure Talisman has it’s own pros.