Searching for your own file type

All the while you might have been using file sharing softwares and torrents to download .mp3’s, .avi’s and many other file types how do you think of searching for them in Google or Yahoo. hope you would love it as it will be very easier for us.  This how you do it,

Say you wanna search for mp3’s of nelly furtado’s album “loose” this all what you have to go to either google or yahoo for that matter and type in the following search criteria,

intitle:”Index of” mp3 loose nelly furtado

You are free to search any sort of filetype with this. I checked it with some other formats and it worked perfectly.

Actually this works owing to a small configuration mistake which many of us unfortunately tend to make, because there is a function called “directory indexing” in apache servers  by default they are kept on, if you don’t wanna happen this to your particular site make sure you off it. When directory indexing is set on it gives you a directery view of the particular site that you refer.


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