Truly Amazing!!!

Just a few days back (2 days to be precise) Lonely Coder wrote a post regarding the rankings for Lonely Coder from Technorati (Lonely Coder gets Recognition). Today when I suddently checked back again with technorati, rankings of Lonely Coder has creaped up a great deal. Lonely Coder is truly amazed with this and now it has a ranking of 2,515,283 and an authority level of 2

This would mean more than 1,300,000 of increament within the past two days when it comes to rankings. Once again Lonely Coder would like to thank all it’s readers who have taken Lonely Coder to such a state in such quick succession, thank you. It would also like to thank all it’s readers who voted for Lonely Coder as their favourite site at Technorati, Lonely Coder’s heartfelt thanks goes to them all. Your support is what inspires Lonely Coder write more and more thanks.

Check out Technorati rankings for Lonely Coder


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