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If you are a person who fancy collecting icons or in need of some icons, I strongly suggest you to check out this truly amazing site by name it is Iconfinder. Iconfinder has thousands and tons of icons for you, importantly when I checked it was fairly quick to deliver it’s goods. Another innovation to Iconfinder was it’s AJAX auto suggest dropdown menu which intelligently pops out according to your search criteria, which I feel is another fine integration to Iconfinder. Another fine tune to Iconfinder is their wonderfull search cloud.

Finally I must say a few words about it’s breathtaking interface which makes it even more fascinating, to start with it has a traditional white bacground and at the center is it’s search box which looks more like a MAC OSX widget. But once you search it undergoes a complete transformation and now the the search bar goes on top in a blackish environment and below goes the search results.

You can visit Iconfinder on,

It also provides you a nice collection of PNG gel icons which I fancy collecting a few. I actually came to know about this site thanks to my good friend Nuwan (co-founder of Archmage Software and a great Pro I have ever seen.) who is currently living in Germany.

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  1. Hey brother… got to know about ur blog through niro.. great work machng… I am really happy to see ur improvement.. I feel so glad that i make a good decision by taking you in to our archmage crew… So hope I will see a awesome web site soon (some thing like i showed once i was in lanka..).. so hope you are working on that… and lol thanks for the nice phrase you had mentioned about me… hehhehe that made me reminded about my blog.. coz i didnt blog for a long time.. well since i have come here… anyways thanks for kicking it up… so enjoy… do talk to me when ur online through some IM

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