Wild Drift

Today when I was waiting eagerly for a bus to return back to colombo at the bus stop, I found a gentleman who was wearing a black T-Shirt which  had www.Wild Drift.com at the back of it. Since these days I fancy collecting such T-Shirts, I immediately took ma Ubuntu phone(“Just the fact that it’s got a ubuntu sticker on it, in any means it doesn’t mean that it uses G-nome. Nothing like iPhone, anyway don’t worry still we might witness a ubuntu based Phone in the near future”) and saved the url to my Archive.

unfortunately, since all the buses were so packed that I could hardly find a spot for me to atleast stand, I was negative as I was earlier planning to go as seeted, I return back to ma home sweat home. And started working on ma project at Archmage, then little while later I took some time to explore this site as my anxiety factor with this site was creaping up to the utmost.

Wild Drift is actually a local organization with a bit of international blend, they help devolop team spirit among businesses schools and even universities with the aid of adventure sports and stuffs like camping, hiking, caving, rafting, navigation and the list goes on… Helps people to thingk positively in tense situations and live upto any challenges as a team and hence devolop team spirit within organizations.

I tell you I really love these sorts of stuff. Hope you would find it interesting as well, if you really wanna get into it visit,