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Blog Day 2007

PC & Mobile Phone can they Co-Exist ?

Whenever I receive a call or a text message on ma hand phone it seem to have disturb my PC’s both monitor and speaker a great deal. Hence this week I thought of going a bit into Physics.

We all know that electric conductors when they are conducting electricity will have a magnetic effect on them, a good example is when you place a nail near an electric conductor(Say a Wire) while conduction will attract the nail towards it.

Actually current is produced owing to the movment electrons (technically this is called a change in electric field), the direction of the induced current will always be in the opposing direction

not stopping there the conductor will also producing a manetic field around it and electrons will be moving towards the north pole of the conductor. Now it is said to produce an Electro Magnetic Field (E-M). which is a combination of both electric and magnetic field at the same time. This energy is same as any other form of energy can do work. And the work dine is given by,

where W is notationed for Work, F for Force and S for displacement

This is where we can apply Flemming’s left hand rule figure ouit the direction the Force produced during this event.

Direction of induced Force

All these research I carried out to figure out my particular problem which is also due electro-magnetic waves, it is called the Electro Magnetic Interference (EMI).

Why monitor responds first?

intersting part of my particular scenario is that I get a trigger in my monitor even before I hear the ring tone or my speaker gets disturbed.
When I digg deap into this particular case what I find is very simple, it is because light waves are faster than sound waves.
Acording to,
v= fλ

Where v represents velocity, f represents frequrncy, and λ for wave length.
according to this relationship you can see that frequency(f) is inversely propotional to wavelenth(λ) as weell.
hence smaller the wavelength, higher the frequency whilst the velocity remains constant.but,

this would suggest when higher the frequency lower the time it take s to travel. And that’s it. When you take the spectrum you will find that light wave’s wavelength is lower than sound waves. this the perfect reason for this matter. This is the reason that I could find for my monitor to respond first.

Why Electro-Magnetic waves are so dominent?

The other importatnt fact about Electromagnetic waves is that it is so quick to travel and they do not need any medium to travel they travel through vaccum as well, not like Sound waves or some other waves hence this is the way that rays from sun travel to earth in the space where there is no air.

But after all these researches what Lonely Coder has to say is that there is no stable solution to overcome this senario. But stll I could findcarrying out some serious reaserches, hope they would be paid for their there effort.