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Today, august 31st happens to be the third annual Blog Day, to join the celebrations all the bloggers are being asked to find five new blogs that you find interesting and notify them that you are recommending them in order to celebrate the event and also to give a brief description of those blogs in your blog.

Blog Day 2007


PC & Mobile Phone can they Co-Exist ?

Whenever I receive a call or a text message on ma hand phone it seem to have disturb my PC’s both monitor and speaker a great deal. Hence this week I thought of going a bit into Physics.

We all know that electric conductors when they are conducting electricity will have a magnetic effect on them, a good example is when you place a nail near an electric conductor(Say a Wire) while conduction will attract the nail towards it.

Actually current is produced owing to the movment electrons (technically this is called a change in electric field), the direction of the induced current will always be in the opposing direction

not stopping there the conductor will also producing a manetic field around it and electrons will be moving towards the north pole of the conductor. Now it is said to produce an Electro Magnetic Field (E-M). which is a combination of both electric and magnetic field at the same time. This energy is same as any other form of energy can do work. And the work dine is given by,

where W is notationed for Work, F for Force and S for displacement

This is where we can apply Flemming’s left hand rule figure ouit the direction the Force produced during this event.

Direction of induced Force

All these research I carried out to figure out my particular problem which is also due electro-magnetic waves, it is called the Electro Magnetic Interference (EMI).

Why monitor responds first?

intersting part of my particular scenario is that I get a trigger in my monitor even before I hear the ring tone or my speaker gets disturbed.
When I digg deap into this particular case what I find is very simple, it is because light waves are faster than sound waves.
Acording to,
v= fλ

Where v represents velocity, f represents frequrncy, and λ for wave length.
according to this relationship you can see that frequency(f) is inversely propotional to wavelenth(λ) as weell.
hence smaller the wavelength, higher the frequency whilst the velocity remains constant.but,

this would suggest when higher the frequency lower the time it take s to travel. And that’s it. When you take the spectrum you will find that light wave’s wavelength is lower than sound waves. this the perfect reason for this matter. This is the reason that I could find for my monitor to respond first.

Why Electro-Magnetic waves are so dominent?

The other importatnt fact about Electromagnetic waves is that it is so quick to travel and they do not need any medium to travel they travel through vaccum as well, not like Sound waves or some other waves hence this is the way that rays from sun travel to earth in the space where there is no air.

But after all these researches what Lonely Coder has to say is that there is no stable solution to overcome this senario. But stll I could findcarrying out some serious reaserches, hope they would be paid for their there effort.

FOSS-Ed 2007 Colombo

Yesterday I joined Flickr to upload a few photos taken during FOSS-ed 2007 Colombo which held from 26th and 27th of June at HNB towers and the tutorial session held on 28th at Sahana Lab of UCSC(University Colombo School of Computing).

It was a fine fine and a memorable event on Free and Open Source Software Education(FOSS-ed) for most of us at IIT, since more than 20 other batch mates of mine took part in the event since we were just into our vacation. Thanks to our Database Systems Lecturer Mr.Rukmal who works for IFS, made us aware of the event.

This time the event was themed “FOSS-Ed for Windows” and the supprise sponsership came from Microsoft Sri Lanka. Well Microsoft Supporting Opensource?? amazing.

Event was sponsered by Google, Microsoft, Intel, WSO2, Virtusa, and many other giants in the industry. The keynote speaker was Brian Behlendorf. many other local geeks featured inclusive of Anuradha Ratnaweera, Bhuddhike Sidhdhisena, Sucheta Wijeynayake, Mifan Kareem, Rajkumar Ganeshan and many others featured in the event.

you can checkout our photos from FOSS-Ed conference on the following link,


talisman- an eyecandy for a windows box

Talisman is a third-party desktop enhancement tool for your windows box. Though Talisman is widely regarded as a theme software, it promises much more than being a mere theme software.

I have tried talisman on my own some two years ago and let me tell you I was like really inspired by this peice of software and felled in love with it which resulted in developping themes for Talisman. Below I give you a screenshot of one my own themes for Talisman.
Lonely Coder on Talisman

Talisman is a russian software and it has been around for a while now. One of the coolest aspect of it is that it gives you ample space for you to customize it to fit into your convenient way. And it also allows you to create your own new themes for Talisman. If you are good at designing with a bit of knowledge in coding then you can come up with your own fascinating themes and share them with the rest of the world by uploading them to customize.org. I tell you it’s a great passion out at customize.org.

Unlike most other desktop enhancement softwares, still runs as a standalone application and it takes care not to interact in depth with your OS. Talisman in default is not set to start with windows. When you want to select talisman as your default theme you have to do it on your own after launching it for the first time.

Unfortunately, Lonely Coder has to admit that Taliaman is a proprietary software, still you get a 30 days grant period in which you are free to try. You can download it at it’s official site,


Here you will be getting a .zip file which you can extract and continue with the rest of the installation. Download your own copy and have fun. There is a big community for developing talisman themes which you will find at,


Here you will be getting all the themes in .zip format which you can extract and install using your talisman interface itself.

But I wouldn’t go on to say that Talisman can provide you the same kind of effects that you get with Beryl on linux destributions. Still I’m sure Talisman has it’s own pros.

Searching for your own file type

All the while you might have been using file sharing softwares and torrents to download .mp3’s, .avi’s and many other file types how do you think of searching for them in Google or Yahoo. hope you would love it as it will be very easier for us.  This how you do it,

Say you wanna search for mp3’s of nelly furtado’s album “loose” this all what you have to go to either google or yahoo for that matter and type in the following search criteria,

intitle:”Index of” mp3 loose nelly furtado

You are free to search any sort of filetype with this. I checked it with some other formats and it worked perfectly.

Actually this works owing to a small configuration mistake which many of us unfortunately tend to make, because there is a function called “directory indexing” in apache servers  by default they are kept on, if you don’t wanna happen this to your particular site make sure you off it. When directory indexing is set on it gives you a directery view of the particular site that you refer.

It’s time to visit Kandy

Ever so fascinating event of the hill capital of Srilanka, Asala Perahera is shedulled to be held from 18th to 28th aug this time. It is one of the unique events for Kandy which is also known to be one of Asia’s finest pageants and few can compare with it in it’s antiquity, grandeur or barbaric splendor. Taking place once a year in Kandy, it is held for two weeks in July or August – actual dates are decided upon phases of the moon.

The perahera comprises of many traditions from the ancient Srilanka, which will include gorgeously caparisoned elephants, famous kandyan dance and many other events.

People from all parts of the world will be flocking to kandy by this time of the year to kandy to witness the event, along together with people from all around Srilanka. As I believe already the hotels in kandy must be packed with visitors.

To add to the atmosphere this year’s local rugby leagues one of the most awaited match between CRnFC And Kandy SC is shedulled kick off late in the evening today at nittawela. Which is also going to be an exiting encounter with Nalake Weerakkodi a senior player for Kandy SC is at the park today for the last time in his career. Hence CRnFC fans from Colombo must already be making noise at Kandy as well. 

Check out a few photoes from the past Peraheras on flickr.